Faq ...the proprietary Software

Wow, great works [...thanks!] ...who knows which expensive software you are using!

No nonono no no! Stramaz is proud to use only open source or free software.
In particular for the development of the site were used: Apache, MySql, PHP, CakePHP, QuickApps CMS ...
For the design realization and comic strips: My Paint, Gimp, Krita and Inkscape.
The browser used for testing: Chrome / Chromium, Firefox, Epiphany (GNOME Web Browser)
And I guess you're wondering ... and the operating system? Linux Ubuntu 12.04 to be precise! :)

Faq ...the English

And this you call it ...english?

Ehm, yes ...maybe there are some small erros. Can you do something better? Give me an hand and write me!

Faq ...the Avatar

How do I get a my picture in my post comments?

Gravatar is used for user comment images so if you want your image to appear please sign in on Gravatar and upload a picture to your account, then simply fill in the email field (with the same email used on your Gravatar account) during the insertion of comments

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